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How it works

Spectral analysis uses spectroscopy to study of how light interacts
with matter.

Using the unique reflective patterns returned from objects, we are able to identify and determine salient characteristics of an object.

SpectrifyAI learns from each batch

SpectrifyAI leverages German-tech to make spectral analysis accessible

We learn the spectral patterns of any material or product used in the supply chain

With each scan, our AI algorithms learn and understand the unique light patterns of the subject

Using this ever-growing knowledge base, our AI is able to identify similar light patterns

Spectral analysis offers the ability to achieve consistent quality standards in
materials and end-products

Discover the DNA of tea

Spectral analysis offers the opportunity to capture, learn and replicate the unique DNA or composition of the blend for the perfect cup of tea

Testing at the point of need

Feedback can be gathered at multiple touch points of the supply chain and passed up the supply chain

Cost of data acquisition

Valuable insights on quality and composition of the leaves and end production can be cost-effectively sourced

Zero damage

Spectral analysis does not require samples to be damaged or removed during the QC process

Focus areas for SpectrifyAI

Tea, herbs and spices happens to be one of the least
digitized industries, globally!




The co-founders behind the tech

Mike Richardson

Mike is one of the leading experts for Agile Development in Photonics. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has close ties to the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Jeevan Gnanam

Serial Entrepreneur with a keen instinct for business. Founded and grew Sri Lanka’s largest IT park, incubator and accelerator. Also helped write and shape the countries AI Policy Framework

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