Introducing Our Cutting-edge Solution: Uniting the revolutionary SpectrifyAI portable spectrometer with advanced AI/ML driven mobile application. Together, these disruptive components form a comprehensive end-to-end solution, delivering instant quality analysis and providing your business with everything it needs.

AI Data Model/ Cloud

Securely stores the material database, chemometric models, and advanced algorithms necessary for processing your scans.

Mobile App

Visualize real-time scan data and quality parameters within seconds.

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SpectrifyAI Spectrometer

The SpectrifyAI™ smart spectrometer can be set up to be used with any Android or iOS device with Bluetooth. With the touch of a finger, you can now have extensive information on the NIR spectrum of any substance. The data can easily be updated to a computer for more complex tasks.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range
900 - 1700 mm
Model Specification
With protective window made of robust sapphire
Optical Resolution
10nm Pixel resolution 1.17nm/pixel(accuracy + or -0.7nm)
Signal -to noise ration
6000 : 1 in 1 second scan
Slit Size
1.69 x 0.025mm
1 mm In GaAs (Hamamastsu model G12180-010A) Dark Current 0.8nA @ VR=1V Noise
Equivalent Power 1.4*10-1 @ λp
Communication Interface
USB and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Thermopile for detector ambient humidity and temperature
USB or Build -in Li-ion battery
82.2 x 66 x 45 mm
136g (with battery)
Measurement mode
Diffuse reflectance
Illumination Module
Diffuse reflectance with two integrated tungsten halogen lamps 1 Watt, 45 degree
from the surface

Our Database

Back-end Cloud Database

Our cloud-based platform hosts meticulously curated machine learning models designed to detect quality parameters in products like Tea, Coffee, and Spices. These models meet industry standards, such as ISO standards for testing, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Moreover, we fine-tune our models to align with our customers' preferences, ensuring that our solutions deliver true value tailored to your specific needs.

Secure Database

The information and data we collect is stored in a vast and secure database that enriches our machine learning models in real time. These databases are supervised by our backend team dedicated to ensuring safe and high quality throughput of data.